Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I'm so excited!!! My GIVEAWAY goes live on December 13th
Don't forget to enter!
Meanwhile, grab some awesome FREEBIES from some of the sellers who donated a product for my giveaway. 
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Easy Peasy...just click on each picture below and download.
 While you're in each store, take a look around.

Come back on Friday to find French FREEBIES too.

Store: Michelle Dupuis
Freebie: Winter inferences and idioms
Winter inferences and idioms FREEBIE

Store: Curry's Creations
Freebie: PowerPoint Presentation Book Report
Power Point Presentation Book Report

Store: My Heart Belongs In Kindergarten
Freebie: Opinion Writing
Opinion Writing FREEBIE {Introduction for Beginning Writers}

Freebie: Preview of Subtraction MEGA FUN Resource Pack

Store: Antoinette Wright
Freebie: Onset - Rime
Onset - Rime - Three in a Row - Short Aa

Store: The Chocolate Teacher
Freebie: Tally Mark Scoot
Tally Mark Scoot

Store: Maureen Prezioso
Freebie: Write the room - Christmas
Write The Room-Christmas & Fun in the Snow

Store: Games 4 Gains
Freebie: Multiplications
Multiplication Free

Store: Angie S
Freebie: Autism & Special Needs Communication Cards
Autism & Special Needs Communication Cards

Store: Amy N
Freebie: Mental Math Addition Strategies
Mental Math Addition Strategies

Store: Powerpoint Gaming
Freebie: Adding Ten Mentally
Freebie - Adding 10 Mentally Worksheets ~ 1.NBT.5

Store: Joyful Projections
Freebie: Multiply and Divide Decimals
Multiply and Divide Decimals Worksheet w/ Models

Store: Dabbling in Differentiation
Freebie: Addition plus 1
Addition Plus 1 Freebie

Store: Smart Kinder Kids
Freebie: Christmas Math for Smartboard
Christmas Math Freebie for Smartboard - AAB Patterns

Store: Jungle Learners
Freebie: Number Surgery
Number Surgery {Freebie}

Store: Marcia Murphy
Freebie: Cupcake Compound Words Match-Up
Cupcake Compound Words Match-Up Activity

Store: Momma with a Teaching Mission
 Freebie: Fraction Puzzles
Fraction Puzzle Freebie matching equivalent fractions

Store: Tied 2 Teaching
Freebie: Wacky Writing Prompts and Story Starter Task Cards
Wacky Writing Prompts and Story Starter Task Cards MINI PACK

Store: Mrs Roltgen
Freebie:Skeaky Elf Game
Sneaky Elf Game {0-30 Number Recognition}

Store: Sandra Naufal
Freebie: Christmas Writing Choice Board
Christmas Writing Choice Board

Store: The Kindergarten Connection
Freebie: Alphabet Experts Mm
FREEBIE - Alphabet Experts Mm

Store: A Plus Kids
Freebie: Holiday Puzzles
Holiday Puzzles--Freebie

Store: Wife Teacher Mommy
Freebie: Music Skip Counting Songs with Guitar
Music: Skip Counting Songs w Guitar: Counting by Two's for

Store: Melissa Moran
Freebie: High frequency words - can
High Frequency Word- can

Store: I'll take seconds
Freebie: Get in Shape - A geometry revision
Get in Shape!- a geometry review

Store: Renne Dawn
Freebie: Counting Song 1-20
Free Counting Song 1-20 (MP3)

Store: Kelly Malloy
Freebie: Ropin' Fraction Fun
Ropin' Fraction Fun Freebie

Store: Laughing In Second
Freebie: Check Before you Turn in Poster
Check Before you Turn in Poster

Store: Play Laugh Learn
Borders and Frames For You

Store: Angel's Primary Adventures
Freebie: School Themed Cartoon Writing Prompts
Back to School Themed Cartoon Writing Prompts Freebie

Store: Here's an idea by Lucy S
Freebie: Apples sorting true or false equations
Apples FREE Sorting True and False Equations - Addition &

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