Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Writing Center is featured in the newsletter

I'm so excited that my WRITING CENTER is featured in the newsletter.

This resource is one of my best sellers. 
I've sold over 600 copies.


***This is FANTASTIC! This gets me started with my new Writer's Workshop so easily and with quick organization. Thank you so much!***

***This is exactly what I have been looking for or wanting to create on my own. What a great set of materials for an even better price. I have already printed, mounted on cardstock, laminated and hung it on the wall near my writing table. I will refer to it all year, I am certain! THANK YOU!***

***My students are excited to have access to a plethora of various writing options- thank you!***

***Outstanding! I have been looking for something for my writing centre and to use for each genre. Absolutely perfect!***

Check it out:

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