jeudi 23 juillet 2015


I just discovered Periscope a few weeks ago and 
I'm loving it! 

What is Periscope? 

Periscope is a Twitter owned app that allows us to broadcast live video streaming

Of course, I didn't broadcast anything yet! Not sure I ever will!

But, I'm tunning in every day because it's so easy and I have a bit of time on my hands.
Loving summer by the wayyyy!

Why do I watch Periscope?
- It's practical: I can watch live broadcasts or replays within 24 hours.
I'm learning so many cool marketing tips.
- It's quick: Most scopes last about 10 minutes.
- I love connecting with people.
- I can collaborate with people by leaving comments or asking questions during the scope.

If you like what you see, you can send the broadcaster hearts by tapping anywhere on the video.   

What do I watch?
Anything teaching or business related.

Who do I follow and watch on Periscope?
- Kim Garst
- Rachel Lynette
- Mrs.Schroeder
- Lucky Little Learners
- Just A Primary Girl
- Jackie Johnstone

Don't forget...I just discoverd Periscope a few weeks ago. I'm sure there are more people I should be following. 

Please comment below if I should be following somebody else on Periscope. 

You have to try it! Download the app on your smartphone. 



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