Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Communication orale

Cette activité vise à développer le vocabulaire chez les élèves.  

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This is a fun way to get students to talk and write!

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Here are a few ideas:
Activity 1 : This is a verbal activity. Students are paired up. 
One student is facing the interactive white board and the
other student can’t see the board. They are facing each 
other. The student that can see the board must describe 
the image by being precise. When the other student guesses, they both sit down on the floor until everyone in the class has guessed. Then, they switch positions and the teacher shows a new image. I usually show 8 to 10 images each time we play. Students love this game!

Activity 2 : This is a written activity. The teacher shows an image on the interactive board and students must write words that describe the image. (Fire: hot, orange, warm, burning, glowing, sizzling). The more the merrier. This will become a helpful tool when students write a story. They can use the adjectives from their list.

Activity 3 : This is a written activity. The teacher shows an image on the interactive board. Students must write a short story about that image. If students aren’t inspired by that image, I always let them choose another writing topic. This activity can be done as a morning activity. 

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Describe Me!  (75 images)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

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