Sunday, December 21, 2014

FREE for ONE week

Click on the image to download this Math and Literacy Winter Resource for FREE. Grab it's only free for one week. 

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter activities

This FREE resource is perfect for winter. It will allow your students to discover a few winter idioms and work on inferences. 
Winter inferences and idioms FREEBIE

Here are a few other math and literacy activities offered in my Winter Math and Literacy Packet. Click on any picture to see more.

Color by number multiplications

Proper or common name cut and paste

Memory game

Find 40 pages of FUN math and literacy activities here:

Friday, December 12, 2014


I'm so excited to host my FIRST GIVEAWAY in honor of my 40th birthday and reaching a special TPT Milestone. 
I've teamed up with a group of amazing sellers to offer you these awesome bundles.
Enter the giveaway today and come back each day for extra entries. You can also win a $10 TPT gift certificate. Enter here:
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Oui, j'ai pensé à vous, les enseignants francophones. Vous pouvez gagner toutes ces ressources pour votre classe.
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I will post the winners on Facebook and here on my
 Blog on December 18th.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Des ressources francophones pour vous et vos élèves.

Pour célébrer mon 40e anniversaire, j'organise un "giveaway" qui aura lieu du 13 au 17 décembre. Pendant ce temps, vous pourrez vous inscrire tous les jours afin d'avoir la chance de gagner toutes les ressources suivantes.

Chacune des vendeuses offre dans sa boutique Teachers Pay Teachers d'excellentes ressources gratuites et payantes.  En voici des exemples. Vous n'avez qu'à cliquer sur l'image afin de télécharger le produit. 

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Boutique: Michelle Dupuis
Ressource: Inférences d'hiver
Inférences d'hiver (Produit gratuit)

Boutique: Mme McIntosh
Ressource: French Postcard template for writing
FREEBIE! FRENCH Postcard template for writing

Boutique: French Frenzy
Ressource: Le mot du jour - Septembre
Le mot du jour - Septembre (Back to School - Word of the Day)

Boutique: Le pupitre de nounourScolaire
Ressource: Affiche b,d,p,q
Affiche b, p, d, q

Boutique: Art with Creations Claudia Loubier
Ressource: Arts plastiques - Chat à la pleine lune
Arts plastiques  - Chat à la pleine lune - Français

Boutique: Mme Gauthier's French Class
Ressource: French Winter Writing Activity Set

Boutique: Mme Sara
Ressource: 20 sujets d'écriture pour l'hiver
20 sujets d'écriture pour l'hiver - winter-themed writing

Boutique: La classe de madame Angel
Ressource: Les activités d'hiver
Les activités d'hiver - Mini Winter Activity Posters in French

Boutique: Here's an idea by Lucy S
Ressource: Un cadeau de Noël
{Free} French - Surprise Christmas Gift - Un Cadeau de Noël

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I'm so excited!!! My GIVEAWAY goes live on December 13th
Don't forget to enter!
Meanwhile, grab some awesome FREEBIES from some of the sellers who donated a product for my giveaway. 
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Easy Peasy...just click on each picture below and download.
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Come back on Friday to find French FREEBIES too.

Store: Michelle Dupuis
Freebie: Winter inferences and idioms
Winter inferences and idioms FREEBIE

Store: Curry's Creations
Freebie: PowerPoint Presentation Book Report
Power Point Presentation Book Report

Store: My Heart Belongs In Kindergarten
Freebie: Opinion Writing
Opinion Writing FREEBIE {Introduction for Beginning Writers}

Freebie: Preview of Subtraction MEGA FUN Resource Pack

Store: Antoinette Wright
Freebie: Onset - Rime
Onset - Rime - Three in a Row - Short Aa

Store: The Chocolate Teacher
Freebie: Tally Mark Scoot
Tally Mark Scoot

Store: Maureen Prezioso
Freebie: Write the room - Christmas
Write The Room-Christmas & Fun in the Snow

Store: Games 4 Gains
Freebie: Multiplications
Multiplication Free

Store: Angie S
Freebie: Autism & Special Needs Communication Cards
Autism & Special Needs Communication Cards

Store: Amy N
Freebie: Mental Math Addition Strategies
Mental Math Addition Strategies

Store: Powerpoint Gaming
Freebie: Adding Ten Mentally
Freebie - Adding 10 Mentally Worksheets ~ 1.NBT.5

Store: Joyful Projections
Freebie: Multiply and Divide Decimals
Multiply and Divide Decimals Worksheet w/ Models

Store: Dabbling in Differentiation
Freebie: Addition plus 1
Addition Plus 1 Freebie

Store: Smart Kinder Kids
Freebie: Christmas Math for Smartboard
Christmas Math Freebie for Smartboard - AAB Patterns

Store: Jungle Learners
Freebie: Number Surgery
Number Surgery {Freebie}

Store: Marcia Murphy
Freebie: Cupcake Compound Words Match-Up
Cupcake Compound Words Match-Up Activity

Store: Momma with a Teaching Mission
 Freebie: Fraction Puzzles
Fraction Puzzle Freebie matching equivalent fractions

Store: Tied 2 Teaching
Freebie: Wacky Writing Prompts and Story Starter Task Cards
Wacky Writing Prompts and Story Starter Task Cards MINI PACK

Store: Mrs Roltgen
Freebie:Skeaky Elf Game
Sneaky Elf Game {0-30 Number Recognition}

Store: Sandra Naufal
Freebie: Christmas Writing Choice Board
Christmas Writing Choice Board

Store: The Kindergarten Connection
Freebie: Alphabet Experts Mm
FREEBIE - Alphabet Experts Mm

Store: A Plus Kids
Freebie: Holiday Puzzles
Holiday Puzzles--Freebie

Store: Wife Teacher Mommy
Freebie: Music Skip Counting Songs with Guitar
Music: Skip Counting Songs w Guitar: Counting by Two's for

Store: Melissa Moran
Freebie: High frequency words - can
High Frequency Word- can

Store: I'll take seconds
Freebie: Get in Shape - A geometry revision
Get in Shape!- a geometry review

Store: Renne Dawn
Freebie: Counting Song 1-20
Free Counting Song 1-20 (MP3)

Store: Kelly Malloy
Freebie: Ropin' Fraction Fun
Ropin' Fraction Fun Freebie

Store: Laughing In Second
Freebie: Check Before you Turn in Poster
Check Before you Turn in Poster

Store: Play Laugh Learn
Borders and Frames For You

Store: Angel's Primary Adventures
Freebie: School Themed Cartoon Writing Prompts
Back to School Themed Cartoon Writing Prompts Freebie

Store: Here's an idea by Lucy S
Freebie: Apples sorting true or false equations
Apples FREE Sorting True and False Equations - Addition &