Monday, July 20, 2015

Writing Center

Writing is such an important skill to master.  It's so important to let students write every day.

Here are a few back to school writing prompts to get them started right away:
- All about me
- What I love about school
- This is what I want to learn this year
- Write about a book you read this summer
- What is the thing you are best at?

I'm 100% sure that you've already heard your students say
 "I don't know what to write"!
 Of course you did!
 Didn't we all?!

Do you have a Writing Center in your classroom?

A writing center is NOT magical. But it does help if you follow these steps:

This is what you can do to see positive results:
Hang the writing center posters in class and take the time to explain each one.

Give students a chance to write at least 3-5 times a week.

Before writing: ask students what they're working on or what they want to work on. Are they thinking of a new subject, writing, editing? It's important to know this information. 
Writing Process 

It's important because it will indicate which student might need help right away. You can also use a mini-lesson to start your writing lesson.

During writing: walk the class, help students,use mini-lessons and meet with small groups.

After writing: Choose a few students that will share what they're working on. Choose students that are in different phases of the writing process. This will help others understand each step.

If you're looking for a writing center, here are a few images of the one that is available in my store for an awesome price. If you already have a writing center, don't forget to grab the FREEBIE below. 

Two background options:
    Polka Dot Perfect                    Glittery Green

Students can have a writing folder or writing kit like the one below. You can find these at a Dollar store. Students can insert the freebie (below), a pencil, an eraser and their writing notebook.
Everything they need will be in one spot.

Print the freebie in color and insert it in the kit. This will help your students with the
 'Prewrite phase'. 

Click on the picture

I would really like to know what you do in your classroom. Please leave a comment.

Happy writing!



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