Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mini-Soccer Balls

I received these balls in Vegas.
 I know, that's pretty cool, right?
 Here's the story...
While I was there for the Teachers Pay Teachers conference, I met Ellen Shrager from Minute by Minute Spanish with Ellen.
Minute by Minute Spanish with Ellen Shrager

 She's very nice and it was fun meeting her. Anyways, she's the one that gave me the balls. She actually sells them in her store. I love them! They're perfect for learning activities.

Each ball has approximetely 26 colored spots on them PLUS 6 black spots. Using a black Sharpie, you can write anything you want on them.
- letters
- numbers
- countries
Or whatever you can think of that matches your curriculum. 

How to play?
It's pretty simple!
Students are divided in 
groups of 2.
 They take turns tossing the 
ball underhand. When they catch the ball, they must look under their thumb to see what is written.

If it's a letter, they can name a word that starts with that letter. If it's numbers, they can look under their index finger and thumb to add or multiply those numbers.

This is so much fun!
 My kids love it!

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