Saturday, September 5, 2015

TIDY Tim is WATCHING your class!

I thought of a way to motivate students to keep the class tidy.

Yup! If you're like me, your class starts out very clean and tidy at the beginning of the year. Then, a few weeks's not the same class! 

That's our reality! And the fact is students don't always pick up. 

That's why I invented TIDY TIM or TINA if you prefer a girl.

How to get started:
It's simple!
-Use any plush toy. I bought mine at the Dollar store.
-Read a letter from TIDY TIM that explains why he is watching the students all the time when they're at school.
TIDY TIME will make surprise visits during the year.
He will not be visible all the time. 

If the class is very clean and organized, he (you) will make a big deal about it. 

Students can receive a reward like a certificate or time to play a game.
 Or maybe TIDY Tim can add marbles in a jar and when it's full, students get a little reward. YOU can also add marbles in the jar. When TIDY Tim leaves a marble, he can write a little note on the board. This will encourage students to keep the class tidy.

TIDY Tim can write a message on the board for the whole class or specific students. 
For example: Wow! I noticed that Paul...

Before starting, you have to decide what TIDY Tim will do in YOUR class. Will he give out certificates, reward coupons, fill a jar with marbles or something else. It's totally up to you!

Here's a letter to get you started. 
Don't hesitate to add what you want. 
Click on the picture to download the letter.

Have fun!

Let me know what you think!
 Do you think this will work in your class?

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