Sunday, August 7, 2016

6 Ideas for making Back to School Week Easier for Teachers

When you think about ‘Back to School,’ what comes to mind? If you’re like most teachers, you’re probably as excited (& as stressed!) as some of your students are about that first day back! With everything on your to-do list for the first week back, you’ve got loads to think about! Here are a few tried & true survival tips for ‘Back to School time’ that will make your life much easier!

  1. Organize (and over-organize) for your first week back. You never know what duties, last-minute emergencies, or unexpected situations may come up. So, having your class completely organized, prepped, and 100% ready to go will give you a sense of security and peace of mind when those ‘first-week surprises’ come about, and they always do!
  1. Need an easy-to-prep ice-breaker activity to warm things up during Back-to-School week? This one is sure to have your students giggling as they make new friends and get to know each other! What better way to get those first week jitters out than an activity that is truly ACTIVE!?

  1. Another way to ease those first week jitters is to schedule some time to have a quick breakfast or lunch with your teaching team. It’s likely that everyone is feeling a bit overwhelmed and a gathering over yummy food (croissants & quiche anyone?) will go a long way to remedy that. If anyone’s in need, you may even map out a schedule of duties to share & times that you can help out and cover for each other.

  1. Need a comprehensive set of Back to School activities? This HELPFUL & FUN Math and Literacy Back to School set includes engaging printables for Math & Language Arts, class posters (friendly expectation reminders) and even more first week games & puzzles!

  1. Are you in need of a new & fabulous hallway or classroom decorating idea, one that will impress parents and principals alike? This handy All About Me Flipbook is an engaging way to get to know your new students, have them self-assess, while at the same time they’re practicing their descriptive writing skills! The finished product helps you understand each one of them better and serves as an adorable class board or hallway decoration too!  

  1. Last, but not least, here’s a Back-to-School hands-on activity that’s a perfect for ‘reactivating’ manual dexterity skills (cutting and pasting) that may have fallen by the wayside over the summer! Students get a perfect review of several literacy skills while having fun at the same time!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll also check out my TPT store for more teaching resources and tips! What are some of your favorite Back to School bits of advice? I’d love it if you’d take a moment to share one or two of your ideas in the comments below! Au revoir mon ami!


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