Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back To School

It's that time of year!!! Some of you are already back in school, and some of you (like me) will be going back very soon. The first month is so important to create the atmosphere you want with your students. It's also very important to get to know your students.
 Don't forget...

I just love that sentence and think of it ALL year. Not just during the first month.

The Chatting Jar is the perfect resource to get students talking during the school year.
Chatting Jar  (Great way to encourage and develop verbal c

As a teacher, we always want to make sure that ALL of our students have a chance to talk during the day. The Chatting Jar the perfect solution.

This product includes 200 chatting questions and prompts that will encourage and develop verbal communication and thought process.
It is designed to last all year.
It features 10 categories. (one per month) 
Each category includes 20 prompts.

September: Get to know me
October: Halloween
November: your choice
December: Christmas
January: Winter
February: Friendship
March: your choice
April: your choice
May: your choice
June: End of school year

Your choices:
What if…
Invent a phrase
My favorites

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