Monday, August 18, 2014

Sight Words

Grab this freebie for your students.

Click on the image and print two Dolch Sight Word worksheets.

Each page includes these activities:
Color the word
Trace the word
Write the word in the box
Write the word in the line
Circle the word
Write the word in a sentence
Build the word (cut and paste)

Here's the link to the complete resource that includes 99 Sight words.
Sight Words -  115 Worksheets - Kindergarten - 1st grade

These are the words included in the resource:
And, all, am, are, at, away, be, big, black, blue, brown, but, came, can, come, could, did, do, down, eat, for, four, get, give, go, good, had, has, have, he, her, here, him, in, into, it, like, look, make, me, my, new, no, not, now, on, one, over, our, out, play, ran, red, ride, run, said, saw, see, she, so, soon, that, the, then, there, this, three, to, too, two, under, up, want, was, we, were, what, when, where, will, you, your. These words were added as a special request: little, day, of, from, is with, got, his, went, they, by, some, if, or, school, food, just

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