Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rhyming words

Rhyming FUN!

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Rhyming : Rhyming partners - These cut and 

paste printables are ready to print and go.

They are perfect for a literacy center or 



Four cut and paste printables that will 


your students to practice rhymes. Students 

must cut each picture at the bottom of the 

page and glue it next to a rhyming partner.

Rhyming words included:

Dog-- Frog

Box - Fox

Duck - Truck

House - Mouse

Vest - Nest

Strawberry - Cherry

Hat - Cat

Wig - Pig

Tape - Cape

Car - Star

Hen - Pen

Clock - Block

Sock - Lock

Chair - Bear

Fan - Pan

Goat - Boat

Spoon - Moon

Parrot - Carrot

Snack - Cake

Dragon - Wagon

Bee - Tree

Mail - Snail

Shell - Bell

Guitar - Jar

This resource is one of my best selling 


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