Wednesday, October 29, 2014


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This is a fun packet that will help your students
learn and discover idioms.


This resource includes 20 idiom 

 worksheets and a PowerPoint that will help your
 students learn and understand the meaning of 
idioms. On each worksheet, students must explain
 and illustrate one idiom. Let your students choose
 which idiom they prefer. This can be done by
 printing two copies of each idiom. (20 X 2 = 40)

Students will have a lot of fun discovering idioms

 with this packet. They can illustrate their idiom in
 a funny way. Then, they can guess what it means
 and write a definition. They can share their 
answer and picture with their classmates. The
 PowerPoint can be shown at the end of the
 activity to help students discover the real meaning
 of each idiom. Fun! Fun! Fun!


Can’t judge a book by its cover
Piece of cake
Sit on the fence
The ball is in your court
Break the ice
Think on your feet
Go bananas
Sink or swim
Let the cat out of the bag
Eats like a bird
An apple a day keeps the doctor away
It’s raining cats and dogs
Heart of gold
In hot water
Saved by the bell
On top of the world
When pigs fly
Butterflies in my stomach
See eye to eye
All ears

A few more idioms...
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